Quality Health Care

Quality Health Care is available every day during hospitalizations, in Long Term Care Facilities, and Hospice Care. Your health care professionals want to offer you their best care, every time, all the time. Their ability to care is unique at a time when so much seems to be changing or uncertain as to how we will be able to receive Health Care Services. A very important action that everyone needs to take as they consider health care services is to write their medical preferences down and share them with family and health care professionals. This, I believe will not change, even as we consider very significant changes in our health care system.

Prepare Your Advance Directives

Preparing your Advance Directives is your right to self-determine your medical preferences as to what you want and what you don’t want to receive when you need to consider medical treatments. Your right to record your medical wishes is one the best ways to ensure that you will be cared for properly and receive individualized treatment options concerning your medical needs. Don’t wait until you are in the hospital or the nursing home or entering hospice care to write down what you want your health care professionals, family members, and friends to know about you as a person before you become a patient. As A Clinical Chaplain serving in the health care system for over ten years, I’m here to say that I have met some of the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated professionals within our health care system. Please take the time to prepare your Advance Directives so you can be assured good quality health care.

Complete The Five Wishes for yourself or contact Unlimited Grace LLC and ask about the Graceful Conversations program to prepare a personalized narrative document that contains your personal preferences for medical treatments and health care.


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