Advance Directives are legal documents


A legal document has certain components that are recognized by various professionals and institutions in society for the benefit of communication and decision-making. These legal documents contain both information and signatures that are then recognized by professionals so people can take certain actions or not. Advance Directive forms fit into this category of legal documents. The difficulty appears when people are intimidated by the form and the legality of them so completing Advance Directives is not as easy as most health care professionals might want.

One form of Advance Directives that is accepted in most states is called The Five Wishes. This document, designed by Aging with Dignity in Florida offers a collection of Wishes that you can consider for yourself when you need health care services. It is best to complete the Five Wishes when you are calm, quiet, and have time to reflect on the statements that this document offers for you to consider.

After you have completed The Five Wishes, go over your decisions for health services with your family members, your doctor or a close friend that you would trust to follow your preferences when medical decisions need to be made and you may not be able to participate in the conversations.

If you want a more detailed, comprehensive, narrative documentation that covers more depth and understanding of you as a person before you become a patient, contact Nancy True of Unlimited Grace LLC and schedule a “Graceful Conversation” that will capture your uniqueness in a personalized written record of your medical preferences.


Conversations with You

The most important conversation starts with the individual, with YOU. Have you ever been asked if you have your Advance Directives and you had no idea what they meant?  Advance Directives are the medical forms your healthcare professionals want when you can’t speak for yourself.

It’s Time to Create Your Advance Directives

If you haven’t it’s time you do. I have a solution for you. A simple solution that easily remedies the anxiety often felt when people are asked about their end of life decisions. You don’t have to be at the end of your life to start these conversations that prepare your medical decisions. Graceful Conversations is an informative and compassionate program that helps you plan your own medical decisions your way.

A Confidential Consultation

Graceful Conversations offers a confidential, compassionate consultation to document your Medical Statement of Preferences that you can submit to your healthcare professionals, share with family and friends, and then you can say; “YES, here are my preferences, please give them to my doctor and then put them in my medical record.”

It can be as simple as that.

Call Rev. Nancy True to schedule your Graceful Conversation.

[learn_more caption=”I’m a caregiver or health care professional, do you have any resources for me?”] Yes, we work with providers and health care givers on an ongoing basis. For more information on our provider-based programs, please contact Rev. True directly.[/learn_more]

… with Providers

Providers and Healthcare Professionals play a critical role in healthcare decisions and should play a central role in the conversations and dialogue that support a person’s goals and preferences when receiving healthcare services.  Healthcare professionals are recognizing how our older citizens are including family members or caring friends in the healthcare decision-making process and the doctors express appreciation when older persons ask for this kind of help with their medical planning.

Let’s face it, healthcare decision-making is extremely difficult and challenging when we are asked to do it for someone who is  facing a life changing or life limiting illness. Many individuals haven’t discussed their wishes or preferences with their family members who are now being drawn into these healthcare decisions and need additional support when working with a loved one during this healthcare crisis.

Contact Rev. Nancy True to learn more about integrating Graceful Conversations into your private practice at your office. You and your patients deserve a compassionate presence while having a supportive and constructive conversation to discovery your patient’s preferences and wishes for healthcare services.