Conversations with Family

Are you struggling to talk to your parents or older family members about what they would want if they got sick or terminal? Have you experienced that invisible wall of “do not trespass” when trying to talk about uncomfortable topics such as end of life questions with your family members? How stressful is it for you to introduce the discussion about medical decisions with your elderly parents?

If any of these questions resonate with your experience when trying to get the right information from your older family members, let Rev. Nancy True help.

A Compassionate Program

Graceful Conversations is an informative and compassionate program that helps your family member plan their medical decisions in their own way. Graceful Conversations offers a confidential, compassionate consultation to document a person’s Medical Statement of Preferences that is submitted to their healthcare professionals, and shared with family and friends.

It’s time to start the conversation, please contact Rev. Nancy True, and let’s make it a Graceful Conversation.

[learn_more caption=”I’m a caregiver or health care professional, do you have any resources for me?”] Yes, we work with providers and health care givers on an ongoing basis. For more information on our provider-based programs, please contact Rev. True directly.[/learn_more]


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