… with Providers

Providers and Healthcare Professionals play a critical role in healthcare decisions and should play a central role in the conversations and dialogue that support a person’s goals and preferences when receiving healthcare services.  Healthcare professionals are recognizing how our older citizens are including family members or caring friends in the healthcare decision-making process and the doctors express appreciation when older persons ask for this kind of help with their medical planning.

Let’s face it, healthcare decision-making is extremely difficult and challenging when we are asked to do it for someone who is  facing a life changing or life limiting illness. Many individuals haven’t discussed their wishes or preferences with their family members who are now being drawn into these healthcare decisions and need additional support when working with a loved one during this healthcare crisis.

Contact Rev. Nancy True to learn more about integrating Graceful Conversations into your private practice at your office. You and your patients deserve a compassionate presence while having a supportive and constructive conversation to discovery your patient’s preferences and wishes for healthcare services.