Patient Centered Health Care

Self-determination in Advance Directives

Every person has a story or an experience of their own or someone close to them that disturbs them about how medical care is provided today. This is becoming more intense as the conversations around ‘mandatory health care insurance” will be discussed around the country and in the US Supreme Court. So what is your story, have you been able to talk with someone about your concerns, your wishes, your preferences for the kind of medical treatments and services you want to have when you might need them? This is the time to look at patient centered health care. You get to be in the center of the conversation regarding your medical decision-making.

The Patient Self Determination Act

A Federal Act was passed in 1992 that states you can self-determine your health care choices. The Patient Self-Determination Act allows you as an individual to make your own preferences known to your health care professionals. The states have created forms that you can use to “fill in the blanks” to designate who you want to help make medical decisions if you cannot participate ( due to an accident, an injury, or an illness) and you can limit or extend the type of treatment being considered due to your particular condition. All these considerations are now named “Advance Directives” and your health care professionals will want to know as you come into health care services what you want and what you don’t want for medical treatments. Remember this: you will always receive care; we have some of the best, most compassionate professional health care staff who offers care that is respectful and dignified. Help your health care professionals offer a patient centered medical treatment program by writing your medical preferences in advance of receiving health care services.

Contact Unlimited Grace LLC and learn about the Graceful Conversations program that is designed to help you create a narrative document for your Advance Care Planning in Medical care and decisions.


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