Make a Medical Choice Yourself Today

Your medical choices are up to you to share with your family and health care professionals.

The history here is important.

In order for the states and health care facilities to comply with the Federal Patient Self-Determination Act (1992), forms have been designed to complete your Advance Directives. These forms are available online, at your library, at your doctor’s office, the hospital, or nursing home. Actually these forms can be found anywhere you would receive health care services. These written medical directive forms vary from state to state so be sure you are working with a form that is acceptable in your state.  If you have residences in more than one state, please consider completing the forms for each state you reside.

These forms can be intimidating and daunting when you or your loved one is experiencing a health crisis due to an accident, and injury, or an illness. It’s best to prepare in advance of any illness or health crisis that may occur for yourself or your lived one. Graceful Conversations provides an educational approach towards learning about your personal preferences and how you can prepare for medical services. This interactive and personalized program creates a Statement of Medical Preferences  that is designed for you and can be attached to any of the state advance directives forms.

Prepare your medical preferences during a time in your life when you can appreciate the gifts you have in life. Don’t wait to communicate, if you need medical services; be prepared in advance to share with your health care professionals what you want them to know about your health care wishes. You are important enough to get this done sooner than when it’s too late.

Contact Nancy True to find out how Graceful Conversations can help you to complete your Advance Care Planning.


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