Doctors can’t do all the Patient Care

Clinical Chaplains Can Support Physicians Patient and Family Care in the Clinical Setting

I ask for a moment of your time to consider the addition of a Clinical Chaplain to your Interdisciplinary Team providing person-centered care for all your patients and family members.

New research shows that patient satisfaction now includes having someone to talk to, face to face, about their spiritual and religious care and concerns. Where this research shows evidence of initial improvements, the programs and services of Unlimited Grace LLC will demonstrate new paradigm shifts in best practices for both your clinical staff and your patient satisfactions outcomes.

During our time together, I wish to convey the timely addition of a Clinical Chaplain or “Palliative Care Professional” to your interdisciplinary team for person centered care.

Specifically, I seek to demonstrate the value of adding a clinically trained professional staff member, (through employment, placement, or referral), that attends to these two very necessary tasks in medical care that has been fragmented over the past 40 years in healthcare services.

  • Advance Care Planning
  • Spiritual Care Assessment

These two definitive aspects of patient centered care, introduced at the start of care for each patient enables ongoing conversations regarding a person’s whole being; Spiritual Care and Advance Care Planning (not only focused on end of life), now becomes embedded in the continuum of care in areas of wellness care and prevention, episodic care related to illness or injury and specialists’ services, such as orthopedic, oncology, cardiology, and other chronic illnesses before end of life care supports a person in the last chapter of their life.

Persons seeking healthcare services are now positioning themselves to be partners with the physicians and healthcare providers. Introducing a new approach to advance care planning, and including the spiritual care needs of the person being treated by the physician gives greater satisfaction to both the patient and the physician in person centered care.

Please Contact Rev. Nancy True Unlimited Grace LLC 720-961-3735


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