For Community Providers

Conversations about Advance Care Planning happens before Advance Directives are signed

If you are a Community Professional such as a Home Care Owner, a Financial Planner, and Estate Attorney, Community Education Speaking Topics are available (in the Metro Denver Area) for Faith Communities, Civic Groups, Service Organizations, and anyone that wants to share in the community education of exercising the personal rights established in the Patient Self-Determination Act; a Federal Law enacted in 1991.

  • Advance Care Planning is more than signing a form
  • Medical Decision-making is part of our daily living
  • What’s in your Wheelbarrow?
  • Who can you share with and know they will follow your wishes?
  • Advance Care Planning prepares you to be a partner with your Doctor!

For over 40 years, critical healthcare decisions have happened most often during times of trauma and crisis events.  It’s time to change this practice and prepare for medical services in advance of urgent or emergency health care services. Let’s visit and discuss the “Hot Topic” of the day and find a way to bring comfort and ease to the process of preparing for healthcare services.

So many opportunities exist for conversations to happen with healthcare providers to guide the process of medical decision-making. Doctors really wants to know about the person they are treating; as a person, before treatment and care options are planned. Graceful Conversations  is designed to help individuals (and their families) to prepare for healthcare services during a quiet and peaceful time.


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