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Sometimes, we just need to talk and be heard. Stress related to family, work, community activities, healthcare needs, has reached extreme levels. Sometimes we need to pause and consider what’s happening? what’s going on? Sometimes life interrupts our busy, hectic, stress-filled lives and we need to know there is someone there when sometime happens.

Clinical Chaplains are trained to be present, calm, nonjudgmental, caring, and compassionate because sometimes that is exactly what individuals, families and friends with concerns for others need to have available with life finds us out of balance, disorientated, distraught, in crisis, or facing challenges, changes, or transitions.

Unlimited Grace LLC offers that professional that specializes in being present with someone or a family or friends when the time comes to pause and consider what’s happening, what’s really going on in life on a deeply personal level. Clinical Chaplaincy offers an alternative to always believing we are alone in this world and in this life time.

Community Members: Touchstones, Truth, and Tenacity

These three words were given to me when I began to re-vision my business and my work with clients in the Graceful Conversations Program. Community Professionals often find themselves experiencing life and business at warp speed. Businesses in the service industry are asked to make changes at lightening speed for themselves and their customers. Customers are becoming more conscientious about what they want and how they want to be served in the community. Current values, social needs, and personal preferences all impact a person and a business over a life time. No one can be expected to change this quickly. It’s time to pause and have a professional join you on your journey as a business designed to serve and with your customers making choices that can last a life time.

  • Contact Rev. Nancy True at 720-961-3735 for a free 20 minute consultation to find a professional to walk with you on your life’s journey.

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