To Graceful Conversations and Felicity’s Care for Providers

Calling all Doctors,

Welcome to Felicity’s Care , we are glad you came to visit; Decisions in Healthcare don’t have to be difficult or traumatic, when you have your patient’s preferences in advance of directing treatments, you and your patient will be on stable ground for medical choices and decisions.

People want to be heard, you don’t have the time, or may not want to be the one to sit and listen with so little time available; having a “Clinical Care Specialist” work with your patients give you the accurate information to proceed with your patient:

  • Your patient’s story with  Compassionate Listener
  • Narrative Document of Relevant Information for Informed Consent
  • Your Patient’s Communication Style that is most comfortable
  • Your Patient’s Experience of the Health Care System
  • So the two of you can Consider Choices Right for your patient

This program involves working one-to-one in a comfortable and confidential setting providing each person the attention they need to advocate for themselves in their ongoing medical conversations with healthcare professionals, family and friends.
Once a person has engaged in their Advance Care Planning, they have the tools to continue this valuable conversation with you as you continue to provide healthcare services to your patients.

Contact Rev. Nancy True at 720-961-3735 for a free 20 minute consultation about having a Clinical Care Specialist on your team and the services we can provide to you and your patients, families, and staff.





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