Our Programs

Advance Care Planning Today: Don’t Wait to Communicate!

Have a Graceful Conversation with a clinically trained Palliative Care Chaplain provided by Unlimited Grace Ministries. We promote the idea that done properly, these necessary and critical conversations can be comforting and grace-filled throughout adulthood.
Advance Care Planning with Unlimited Grace is designed for every adult to have an individualized narrative Statement of Medical Preferences facilitated by a Clinical Palliative Care Chaplain.

Advance Care Planning is important, so Unlimited Grace Chaplains offers education and consulting services for you to Share:

  • Your story with a Compassionate Listener
  • Your Communication Style that is most comfortable
  • Your Experience of the Health Care System
  • So you can Consider Choices Right for you

This program involves working one-to-one in a comfortable and confidential setting providing each person the attention they need to advocate for themselves in their ongoing medical conversations with healthcare professionals, family and friends.
Once a person has engaged in their Advance Care Planning, they have the tools and the understanding to continue this valuable conversation with whomever they choose to share their medical preferences with in their future.


A Company of Chaplains

Unlimited Grace Ministries is creating a Company of Chaplains providing individuals, families, and community based professional organizations with clinically trained, compassionate Palliative Care Chaplains skilled in the “recovery of the soul”.

A Company of Chaplains is available to work with:

  • community based residential programs
  • assisted living communities for those needed additional clinical support services,
  • businesses that value the human assets of their company
  • home care providers, supporting a family’s choice to keep their loved one in their own home
  • and with other community professionals committed to empowering each person in their life and commitments

Clinical Chaplains are trained Care Specialists bringing unique skills and talents to the heart of these community settings.

Contact Rev. Nancy True at 720-961-3735 for a free 20 minute consultation about Community Chaplaincy needs and the services we can provide to you and yours.





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