Our Programs

These programs are available to individuals, families, community based businesses, and professionals providing services in the areas of Clinical Chaplaincy, Elder Care, Advance Care Planning, and work with families involved with Healthcare Ethics and medical decision-making.

Graceful Conversations: Don’t Wait to Communicate!

This education and consulting program is built on the concept that medical decision-making doesn’t need to be feared, awkward, uncomfortable, or too often, avoided and postponed. We promote the idea that done properly, these necessary and critical conversations can be comforting and grace-filled throughout adulthood.

Graceful Conversations is an individualized program designed for helping people prepare a Statement of Medical Preferences to guide medical conversations for healthcare services as they become a patient. This program offers education and consulting services about the

  • personal medical decision-making process,
  • how advance directives work for you and your doctors, and
  • creating personal empowerment for your healthcare needs.

This program involves working one-to-one in a comfortable and confidential environment providing each person the personal tools they need to choose and advocate for themselves in their their ongoing medical conversations with healthcare professionals, family and friends. Graceful Conversations helps a person prepare to have these ongoing conversations throughout their lifttime.

Graceful Conversations empowers personal medical decision-making and provides a written Statement of Medical Preferences that guides a person’s chosen surrogate medical decision-maker,  MPoA, and their Healthcare Professional through ongoing medical conversations when these sensitive conversations are required.

A Company of Chaplains

Community based Chaplaincy services provides individuals, families, and community based professional organizations with clinically trained, compassionate and empathetic Professional Chaplains skilled in the “recovery of the soul”.  Life will unexpectedly bring uncertainty or loss, trauma, or crisis into our experiences.  There is very little focus on the strengths and wisdom of our own self-knowledge and how we choose to live our lives.

When these events occur, it is an opportune time to call for a chaplain visit. A professional chaplain is trained to work with individuals and families of all faith communities and with  those that do not have a particular tradition.  A Company of Chaplains is available to work with:

  • community based residential programs for the retired,
  • assisted living communities for those needed additional support structures,
  • businesses that value the human assets of their company
  • home care providers, supporting a family’s choice to keep their loved one in their own home
  • and with other community professionals committed to empowering each person in their life and commitments

Contact Rev. Nancy True at 720-961-3735 for a free 30 minute consultation about Community Chaplaincy and the services we can provide to you and yours.




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