Bridging the Generations

Bridging the Generations: Advance Care Planning for all Adults is the title I’ve chosen for a new, little “pocket primer” with a big message on changing how we do Advance Care Planning for healthcare services. I’ve decided to bring a new approach to Advance Care Planning that does not involve discussions about death or dying.  I’ve taken some time to research the changes in our adult populations, (some information is specific to Colorado) and have found that we have 6 living adult generations. Every adult, age 18 an older has the right to self-determine their medical preferences and choices when dealing with a healthcare issue in their life.

Don’t Wait to Communicate!

With our Millennials at the age of 18 to our GI Generation and older, we now have more adults positioned to engage in their healthcare decision-making process since the changes in our Healthcare system has taken place. We also have a healthy aging population that is making new requests of their healthcare providers when they receive healthcare services.

This little primer of activating advance care planning starts by laying out the cultural characteristics of the multiple adult generations that live in our communities. This has been very enlightening to people as I share about this new approach to Advance Care Planning for all Adults.  The National Healthcare Decisions Day is on April 16th each year.  This year, look for a new approach to sharing about your medical preferences as this relates to you in your life today in Bridging the Generations: Advance Care Planning for all Adults.