Knowledgeable, calming, brings clarity, makes the discussion easy… These are a few of the qualities that Nancy’s clients attribute to her as she creates graceful conversations around the sensitive and important end-of-life decisions we all face.

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Brings Clarity to the Process

Nancy started my Statement of Preferences a few years ago and has helped me to update them as my healthcare needs have changed. She’s really good about helping me with clarifying my thoughts, my wishes, and my end of life issues. I tried to do my 5 wishes but I couldn’t figure them out and get them done. One of my wishes is to have my doctors work together so Nancy put this into my Statement of Preferences. I gave my Statement of Preferences to the University Hospital Neurology Outpatient Evaluation I just visited and they were able to take the Statement of Preferences and use the information about all my doctors so they could share the reports.

L. S.

Makes the Discussion Easy

Two years ago Nancy True put together a Statement of Preferences packet for my 92 year old mother. Every time we walk into a Doctor’s office, which is often at this age, I am asked if my mom has written directives. It is so nice to say yes without hesitation. Nancy helped my mom work through what her wishes were and put it in writing. Nancy spoke with my mother and asked pertinent questions which were easy for Nancy to ask, but very hard for the family to discuss. Nancy extracted information from my mother and then formulated the Statement of Preferences which my mom now lives by. My sister and I take care of my mother’s medical needs. With the Statement of Preferences in place we know what my mother‘s medical wishes are. It has helped us have a number of discussions with her Doctor, plus understanding her request for a DNR bracelet. Thank you, Nancy for making this discussion easy.

Cathy D.

Helpful, Calming and Reassuring

In the span of 18 months, my mother became completely bedridden and my father, an alcoholic of 50 years with worsening dementia, had triple-bypass surgery. Both my parents became incapable of living on their own. Me and my two siblings were faced with an unknown situation and did not know what to do or whom to seek advice from.

Me and my siblings scheduled several conference calls with Nancy True who facilitated our discussions, asked the right questions, and then proceeded to “normalize” the situation by explaining to us the physical and emotional processes that people go through in their later years. We were used to our parents as they were 20 years ago but we did not know how to react to their sometimes irrational and unexpected behavior caused by so many changes in their lives. Nancy helped us understand what was happening to them.

Nancy’s knowledge of the medical profession and legal aspects of our situation helped us to understand what our options were and where to turn for help and advice.

Nancy was helpful, calming, and reassuring to all of us. She listened to and understood all of our concerns and fears, yet she also told us what was possible and what was not realistic under the circumstances.

It was clear to us that Nancy’s 20+ years of working in elder care and with the medical care system gave her both the knowledge and the perspective to help us make the best decisions for my parents. Nancy is a good listener and an effective communicator. It is clear that Nancy is empathetic not only for the condition of our parents but also for the welfare of me and my siblings. I am grateful for her support.

I would recommend using Nancy True to anyone under similar circumstances.

Chris V.[/box]